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PRESS RELEASE - 1 April 2004
No Foolin' - Alan Moore Tribute Book Raises Over $36,000.00 For Charity
Editors Gary Spencer Millidge, Smoky Man, and Omar Martini are proud to announce that the charity
tribute book, Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman, has raised a figure approaching
$37,000.00 (US) for Alzheimer's charities.
Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman is a massive 352-page trade paperback featuring
mostly all-new contributions in celebration of British comics-writing legend, Alan Moore's 50th
birthday. From the world of comics and beyond, the collection features strips, stories, essays, and
illustrations by luminaries such as Terry Gilliam, Michael Moorcock, Neil Gaiman, Dave Gibbons and
Will Eisner.
The English language edition of the book was published by Abiogenesis Press in May 2003 and raised
$24,112.46. The Italian edition, published by Black Velvet in November 2003, raised $10,521.87. A
further sum of $4,101.79 was raised by the auction of a number of pieces of original art and other
items created especially for the book on eBay during October 2003.
All publisher profits and artist royalties from both editions have been donated to two the following
Alzheimer charities, with pre-tax profits to date totalling the equivalent of $36,854.45 (US):
ADI - Alzheimer's Disease International www.alz.co.uk/
AIMA - the Italian Association for Alzheimer's disease www.italz.it/refs/aima/aimad.htm.
The Abiogenesis version of the book sold out of its first printing in just a few weeks and a limited
second printing (with a number of minor text corrections) was produced in November 2003. While
supplies are now limited, copies are still available through Diamond Comics, Abiogenesis and Top
Shelf. There are no plans for any further reprints.
The Black Velvet edition is likewise almost sold out, and was nominated for the "Best Publishing
Event of 2003" award at the Cartoomics Con in Milan, Italy this March.
There are also tentative plans for a Spanish language edition of the book to be published later this
Our heartfelt thanks go out to the many who contributed to or helped promote the book and of course,
to all who purchased a copy.
Please contact us for any additional information, quotes and images.
Gary Spencer Millidge, Abiogenesis Press, PO Box 2065, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 2WH, England. Website:
www.millidge.com E-mail: gary@millidge.com
Smoky Man Website: www.ultrazine.org E-mail: ultrazine@tiscali.it
Omar Martini, Black Velvet Editrice, Via A. del Verrocchio 4 - 40138 Bologna, Italy. E-mail: